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How to Run Quotes

Go to and click on Sales Illustrations. Or, from FieldNet go to New Sales/Illustrations & Proposals (you can bookmark this page by clicking on the icon with the green + in the top right corner to save it in My Links). Click on Web Illustration, then the client's state of residence, and then Next. If you want to change the state that shows up as the default, select that state and then click on 'Next And Set Contract State As Your Default'.

MassMutual does not currently have traditional LTCi available for sale in Colorado or Missouri. The client can purchase from a different carrier or wait until MassMutual’s new product series rolls out Fall 2018 (male pricing is scheduled to be 15% higher and female pricing 40% higher).

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Run a quote

Initial Phone Consultation

Phone consultation requests from the website are routed to Legacy. The client will provide their resident state so the leads can be distributed based on the state(s) you are licensed in.

Wells Fargo has asked us to use Calendly for scheduling appointments. This software has also been approved by MassMutual compliance. Here are step-by-step instructions to set up an account.

(NOTE: We subsequently learned that Wells Fargo’s security software will not allow an employee to click on your Calendly link. So, if the employee provides their Wells Fargo email address, you will have to change the wording of your email asking them to provide a few days/times that work for them and set an appointment manually. Any other type of email address – Gmail, AOL, Comcast, etc. – seems to work fine.)

The instructions end with sample email text and how to incorporate your Calendly link. Here is that sample email text. The subject line must say LTCi Consultation as this is what we tell the employee to watch for when they submit their consultation request.

Calendly has time zone detection built into the software. However, if the employee sets an appointment manually, watch your time zones – is a good resource.

If you do not receive a reply to your email to set up a phone consultation, follow up within a few business days with a phone call.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, email the employee a sample quote and product brochure to review during the initial call.

Follow sales tips provided by Brad for handling the sales call and setting next steps. Here is a Client Intake Sheet we use for collecting client information during the first call. Here are sample emails/letters for these scenarios. Go to Applications page for details on the application process.

Product Brochures and Buyer’s Guides

Attach appropriate product brochure to the email with the quote. Due to the number of states with their own book, you may prefer to do this than to have all the different hard copies on hand.

The generic NAIC buyer’s guide is 20MB, which is very large for emailing to every client. We keep a stash of hard copies on hand and mail to clients who move forward with completing an application. These can be ordered for free from WarehouseXpress. Go to FieldNet/Marketing/Market My Practice/Ordering: Stationary, Brochures/WarehouseXpress/Launch WarehouseXpress.

Click here for a spreadsheet of each state’s brochure/guide to download the PDF from FieldNet.