Click here for a chart summarizing licensing and partnership requirements by state. This document should not be considered a completely accurate representation of all requirements. In our efforts to consolidate the rules we could have made unintentional mistakes. Requirements are subject to change.


To get licensed in other states, use the National Insurance Producer Registry at

Here is an outline of the steps you'll follow:

Partnership Certification

Per the Deficit Reduction Act of 2006 (DRA) and the NAIC Long Term Care Model Act, most states are requiring that ALL licensed producers selling LTC insurance or LTC riders take an initial 8-hour NAIC Partnership training course followed by a 4-hour refresher course every 2 years.

Many of you may have already completed this training. If not, Partnership courses can be completed at

Any special requirements are listed in the box above the course list. Examples: WI requires an exam proctor but MN does not. However, MN won't allow you to access the final exam until your time spent reviewing the course equals the number of approved credit hours.

Unfortunately, out of state classes do not count towards your 24-credit CE requirements.

Producer Reference Manual

Click here for MassMutual’s producer reference manual. It has information on licensing, partnership, policy features, underwriting, and much more.

MassMutual's Website for LTCi

MassMutual has a separate website for its LTCi business - You can register to access this website directly (takes 24-48 hours; log in details will be sent to your financialguide email address) or you can access it through FieldNet by going to New Sales/Illustrations & Proposals, and then clicking on the Long Term Care link. You can save this page to your 'My Links' folder for quick access (click on the icon with the green + to the left of the printer and follow the prompts).

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