The Application Process

The steps below detail the entire application process – from printing out the forms to approval by the carrier. These steps may evolve over time.

Processing a MassMutual LTCi app is a bit outdated. They do not yet have e-app or e-delivery. The application is a fillable PDF if you choose to take advantage of that but you still need to obtain original signatures. Electronic signatures are not accepted. Nor do they accept any credit card payments. The only automatic payment option is a monthly bank draft, which has a 5.6% markup.

1. Where to find app forms

Go to and click on Forms. Or, from FieldNet go to New Sales/Illustrations & Proposals and click on the Long Term Care link. In the next window you want to click on the Forms tab.

2. Which forms to print

On the Forms tab, pick the state from the drop down box. We selected Minnesota for our example.

The forms are shown in two groups – required and optional. All of the required forms should be checked. In the optional forms, check off Notice to Applicant Regarding Replacement (if you are working with a client who is replacing an existing policy) and Outline of Coverage for Long Term Care Insurance (we have not sold the Facility Services Only coverage – i.e. no home health care).

From here, we split the forms into two groups – the application packet and the information packet. Click here for a screen shot of the different groups.

The PDF is not set up to print double-sided as is. Certain pages need to be printed as single-sided and others printed as double-sided. You may just want to print everything single-sided.

If you want to cut back on printing, go through two selection processes. In the first process, select just the pages that make up the application packet. These pages should be printed out and mailed to the client for completion and signing. In the second process, select just the pages that make up the information packet. These pages can be emailed instead of printed.

3. Highlight app for client

Click here to see how we highlight the application (assuming two applicants) to make it easier for taking the client through the forms by phone. Some agents prefer to use the sticker arrows on the signature pages.

4. Mail app forms and booklets to client

Because of the number of things we send to the client, this packet is usually sent in a Priority Mail flat rate cardboard envelope. Refer to the Application Instructions pages if any questions about special booklets/ forms. Priority Mail costs $6-$7. If you aren’t mailing all of the booklets, you can send regular first class in a 9x12 envelope and fold the postage-paid 9x12 return envelope in half so it fits inside (or mail in a 10x13 envelope). Two advantages to Priority Mail – ability to track delivery and it can be quicker delivery (2-3 days max). This is how we organize the documents:

5. Instruct client how to complete app and next steps

Click here to listen to a 30 minute presentation of how to help a client complete the application and explain what happens next. It is helpful to have the PDF open from step 4 while listening to this presentation.

Forms vary slightly by state. The presentation does not cover these differences but you should have no problems. Each application contains two pages of instructions for your reference.

6. Review and complete app when returned

When you receive the completed app from the client, make sure all boxes have been checked, the required signatures are in place, and their check is made out to MassMutual. The agent needs to complete Part 9 – Agent's Statement, sign the Notice of Replacement (if applicable), sign the Personal Worksheet and sign the Conditional Premium Receipt. Print the summary page from the quote based on what the client decided to apply for. The New Business Transmittal (NBT) must be completed as follows: Fill in the Applicant Information at the top. Agent/Broker and Agency Information section - Your information will fill the first two lines as Writing Agent. Your FYC % and Renewal % are both 40%. The second agent detail is Cary McGroarty, aa549465, 60%/60%, 262-563-1750,, and agency 064. Under the Note section, enter your name as communication contact, check Agency Rep and check Email box. Click here for an example.

7. Mail copy of app back to client with PHI flyer / Email to confirm receipt

Make copy of app to mail back to client for use during their PHI (do not send a copy of the NBT or quote). Include the cover letter and the PHI flyer. Here is a sample email telling the client their application was received and submitted and remind of next steps.

8. Make copy of app for writing agent

Make copy of app for writing agent to keep. Include copies of the NBT and quote page.

9. Send original to CA with New Business Transmittal and quote

Take NBT, quote page, original copy of application, and staple together. Clip premium deposit to front and mail in Priority Mail envelope to: MassMutual - LTC Office, PO Box 4243, Woodland Hills, CA 91365-4243. If there are special circumstances regarding the underwriting, attach a cover letter explaining the situation. If you need to expedite the paperwork to CA, the street address is: 21600 Oxnard St, Ste 1500, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

You do not need to order Phone Health Interviews (PHIs) or Attending Physician Statements (APSs). LifeCare Assurance uses multiple vendors for each and will take care of ordering all requirements.

10. How to monitor app status – online and spreadsheet

Online: Go to and click on Status. Or, from FieldNet go to New Sales/Illustrations & Proposals and click on the Long Term Care link. In the next window you want to click on the Status tab. Status is only updated once per week.

Spreadsheet: We keep a spreadsheet of apps that have been submitted. Here is a sample template. We print this out so we can track all policies at one glance, rather than always having to click on each separate entry online. We also use this to track when we send email updates to the client (under Comments column).

11. Email client with status updates periodically

Here are sample emails for updating the client of their application status. Once it has been 4 weeks from mailing in their app, we send updates every two weeks. If it gets to be 7-8 weeks and a decision is not made, we update every week (we tell client at time of completing app this process takes 7-8 weeks).

12. Ask client for help if issues getting medical records

Here are sample emails asking for the client's help when the carrier is having trouble obtaining records or the doctor's office requires a special authorization.

13. Email client with approval decision & upcoming delivery call

Here is a sample email telling the client they've been approved and giving them a heads up you'll be in touch soon to schedule policy delivery. Double check the effective date vs approval date – see points 1 & 2 on the Policies and Delivery page.

14. If negative, consider odds of winning on appeal

If the client is rated below what you quoted or declined, consider the option of appealing. We have successfully overturned a number of decisions.

Ask MassMutual to send a WHY letter to the client explaining the reason for the lower rating or decline. When the client receives the letter have them call you to discuss. If they feel the reasons are inaccurate or the records were misinterpreted, they can take the WHY letter to their doctor. The doctor would need to write a letter to MassMutual refuting the points listed and fax/email this letter to you. You would forward the appeal letter to the underwriter who handled your client and ask for reconsideration. This process typically takes 3-5 business days. Here are sample emails for communicating with the client.

15. If not appealable, consult client/Ash for file sharing

If the client feels the reasons in the WHY letter are accurate so there is no reason to appeal, ask the client if they are interested in having you shop other carriers. Ash Brokerage has a file sharing option with MassMutual. The client completes this authorization form and you email it to Ash. Ash can then review the medical records obtained by MassMutual to shop other carriers and give odds on approval. This process usually takes a couple weeks.

16. If client is uninsurable

If we are not able to get the client approved with any carrier, we recommend they contact an elder law attorney for alternatives to long term care planning. Direct them to When they click on Find a Lawyer and enter their zip code, they will get a list of attorneys in their area. Many offer free consultations.